Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grey Ear, White Noise - The Lift

HEMP048 (Part 1)/049 (Part 1 - Instrumentals) - new releases
Part 2 & Part 2 - Instrumentals released by Setting Sun

The risqué spoken-rant/electronica duo is back with a double album made up of 4 EP's. This time the rants and rambles stretch out over long, grooving tracks for a more laid-back but still thoroughly entertaining experience - and if blue language isn't your thing, there's always the instrumentals, which make for hypnotic listening in their own right.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1 - Instrumentals

Part 2 - Instrumentals

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thee Crumb - Thee Crumb Tapes

HEMP047 - new release

"This selection, culled from three years (2004-06) worth of offcuts, sound experiments, lost songs and general oddities, was originally going to be made available as a limited edition of 50 C-40 cassettes but was shelved before ever being revealed due to problems with dubbing such a quantity of tapes without proper equipment. This is the reason the two completed tracks both last 19 minutes and 54 seconds as they were originally designed to fit onto two sides of a cassette.
The inspiration for this project (both in the nature of the album itself and in the less-than-slick mixing - no Ableton Live here!) is clearly The Faust Tapes, although the precise ordering of the pieces was decided by assigning every section a number and then drawing cards at random from the major arcana of a tarot deck." - Thee Crumb