Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Could Do Better Than That - The Best of Season One

DVR007 - originally released by HE! as HEMP023 in 2006

I Could Do Better Than That is the UK-based performance-art duo made up of Hooray and Iivix, who are dedicated to knocking down the proverbial fourth wall. This is a collage of recordings from performances in 2003, in which audience members were encouraged to come onstage and participate. A physical CD-R is available in limited quantities; see the Album Notes for details.

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DIH & Friends - Keith & Clara's Wedding EP

HEMP020 - originally released 2006

DIH & Friends, of anti-Christmas album fame, created this EP as a surprise for one of its members, Keith Hicc, and his then-bride-to-be, Clara (aka UKDragon). As usual, this is occasional music for those with a sense of humor tending toward the dark and/or blue.

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M.A.N. - Christmas With M.A.N.

HEMP030 - originally released 2006

A compilation of M.A.N.'s contributions to DIH & Friends' series of anti-Christmas albums.

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M.A.N. - Narnia Remixes

HEMP021 - originally released 2006

An album of remixes of "Narnia," from M.A.N.'s self-titled album (HEMP019), encompassing a variety of pure and impure moods.

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