Friday, May 30, 2008

M.A.N. - M.A.N.

HEMP019 - originally released 2006

More spoken-word/ambient action, but a different, more beat-oriented project this time, with lovely, hypnotic soundscapes that call to mind the heady days of early 90's IDM and trance. Includes the track "Narnia" which went on to be extensively remixed.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big In Albania - A Special Dedication

HEMP018 - originally released in 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your iPod... Big In Albania returns with an EP addressing the eternal verities of l'amour. This could get messy.


Front Cover Art

Back Cover Art


Also available in OGG

Big In Albania - The Eighties Movie Soundtrack Disaster (Director's Cut)

HEMP017 - originally released in 2006

Pour the wine, because Big In Albania is cutting the cheese. 80's cheese, that is. Get your Gen-X-y on with this (ahem) tribute to some of the (cough) masterpieces of Reagan/Thatcher-era cinema. True to form, there's even a bonus video.


Bonus Video

Front Cover

Back Cover

Disc Art


Also available in OGG (audio), and various graphic/video formats

DIH - Off The Cuff

HE! Extra - released on Hicc Records

"3rd in the Off The Cuff series sees a few examples of noise terrorists DIH's ability to rebuild and recontract remixes from other artists works." - Hicc Records

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DIH - Forever

HE! Extra - released on Hicc Records

"Forever was recorded between 2001 - 2002 and has been frequently described as a cross between The Aphex Twin and Jack Kerouac if they met on a lonely highway...." - Hicc Records

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DIH - Tribute to Derek Jarman

HEMP039 - originally released in 2007

Just as the title indicates, an homage to the life and words of the British writer, artist and provocateur.

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DIH - Suicide (I Meant Forever)

HEMP027 - originally released in 2006

Solitude is a common theme in DIH's output in general, but especially on this set. Best listened to alone in the dark.

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DIH - Internal Conflict

HEMP016 - originally released in 2006

Spoken-word + ambient/noise group DIH (Distorted In Hindsight)'s first release on Hallo Excentrico! Atmospheric and relaxing with disturbing undercurrents. "The Game" is a personal favorite.

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Solypsis - Dénouement 1998-2008

HE! Extra - released on Vukzid

"If we follow the title as our guideline then this release is the definitive ending of Chicago based James Miller's output as Solypsis. Gathering together the best and worst of his work across two zip files and also including a bonus collection of selected remixes from various compilation and physical releases. You may also wish to download "one week without the internet" and though this looks like the end for the Solypsis project i am sure and hope James will continue to record more audio under various new guises." - Vukzid

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Various Artists - Cthulu Dildonomicon

DVR009/CROCK-MP3-SP1 - originally released by Digital Vomit and Cock Rock Disco in 2006

A genre-hopping, joint effort between the Digital Vomit and Cock Rock Disco labels in tribute (?) to the genius of H.P. Lovecraft.

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