Saturday, December 22, 2007

Minimal Impact vs. M.A.N. - Narnia (Full Length Remix)

Originally released 2006 as HEMP032 - Now available from Hicc

Edited version appeared on HEMP021, M.A.N.: Narnia Remixes

Original version appeared on HEMP019, M.A.N.: M.A.N.

Minimal Impact transforms M.A.N.'s spoken-word/IDM track into a 60-minute ambient soundscape. In Hicc's words, "more of a state of mind than actual music."


Page on Internet Archive

Solypsis - The WLNT Sessions

HEMP013 - originally released 2006

In 2006, a project was proposed to create the "World's Longest Noise Track." Various artists were approached to contribute pieces of a planned sound collage of a full week's duration. The project was subsequently abandoned. This is a selection of audio Solypsis created in real-time with the intent of incorporating it into that project. Lo-fi bitrates are intentional.



Merry (???) Christmas from DIH & Friends

For each of several holiday seasons now, Digital Vomit and Hallo Excentrico! recording artists DIH (Distorted In Hindsight) have released an anti-Christmas compilation album with music by themselves, friends and related artists. The albums for 2002 through 2007 are now available for free download at the Hicc netlabel, hosted by Internet Archive.


2006 (Originally released as HEMP031)





Enjoy, and happy holidays.